Book Overview

WE ARE LIVING IN a day when, for our destiny of redemption to be secure, we must do a critical evaluation of the world and our place in it. A season of great change is upon the earth, and the ability of this generation’s church to navigate successfully through it is of the utmost importance if we are to stay on task to complete the great commission and fulfill our own personal destinies. During these times of change where God is moving His people through differing seasons toward accomplishing His purposes, many have lost focus, and lack understanding of what is required to move forward in their journey and to ultimately come to a place of completion. Unfortunately, moving from glory to glory is not as easy as we would like it to be. Many churches have adopted antiquated, illegitimate, and/or immature postures, finding themselves losing ground when dealing with the frustrations of an ever-changing spiritual climate. The church is, it would appear, like Joshua which in his day found itself wandering aimlessly, not understanding how to complete its assignment of establishing the kingdom of God in the earth. The growing globalization movement is a clear sign of the adversary’s aligning the governments of this world against the government of God and the establishment of God’s kingdom of righteousness. This is hallmarked by the accompanying removal of restraint we are witnessing: as cultural boundaries that historically have been the guideline by which the nations have been led are seemingly dissolving, and the church is now being called to a higher level of expectation, being forced to deal with issues that have been mostly avoided in previous generations. The chapters of This Present Reality are a series of letters and teachings written to a pastor in Pakistan who reached out for guidance as resources there are limited. My hope in sharing them is to assist you in understanding the current spiritual climate in the season we are experiencing, hopefully giving you the knowledge and wisdom to shift into a more authentic expression of your faith as our generation navigates this season of God’s timeline.